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Simple piece of metal can change into dangerous weapon, which evidences also this crowbar.

Berreta 92F

Compact weapon, which uses armed forces all over the world. Thanks to the easy maintenance and great accuracy, this pistol is suitable for the most critical situations. Every officer in Black Mesa research facility carries this weapon, because it´s statute.


Magnum .357 "Metal Injector"

Favourite weapon of Barney, which was never used during a duty. Filed barrel and some other modifications are making from it more than just a handgun, it´s rather "pocket howitzer". No wonder that this piece is called in collective "Metal Injector".



High effective shotgun with magazine capacity of 8 shells. Efficient at close range, it can also shoot two projectiles at the same time. SLW was modified for requierement of Black Mesa officers. Original SPAS 12 is automatic weapon, SLW needs to "pump" after every shot.

MCR 16 + Grenade launcher

"MCR" is shortcut for "Modern Combat Rifle", which predeterminate it for frequent usage on battlefield. It´s experimental adjustment of classic M16 rifle, MCR is still in development and it was delivered to Black Mesa for testing. There is grenade launcher included.

Hand grenade

Standard hand grenade, which matches military specifications. It´s used by armies all over the world, especially during the sharp conflicts and wars.


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